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Amongst the first offerings from Auric System Integrators is the QRev platform.
bullet QRev as a platform helps reach your customers ( retailers or distribution points ) as well as reach the end consumer.
bullet The solution helps get larger customer flow, build efficiencies within your system and at the end of it happy customers.
bullet QRev enables use for order management, promotion management, customer information management & loyalty program implementation.
bullet It helps give a new age technology face to solution for problems endemic to several Industries.
bullet The QRev platform is accompanied by mobile solutions available across numerous phone manufacturers and their operating systems.

Benefits of

bullet Anytime, Anywhere, Quick and Efficient Ordering : Ordering and Reordering will be fast and not cognizant of time of the day or place of order.
bullet Consumer promotions at the touch of a button : End consumers at retail or at Malls can participate in promotions , seek information.
bullet Direct Cost Savings : Reduction in sales man power needed to reach out to all customers. Sales and Marketing can focus on customer satisfaction, new product launches, customer education, etc.
bullet No Capital outlay, Pay-as-you-go Model : Very little upfront setup cost. No capital expenditure necessary. All costs will be transaction based.
bullet Increased Reach to Remote Retailers and Distributors : Since our solution entails only a simple mobile phone, a large gamut of remotely located customers, distributors and retailers can efficiently manage orders.
bullet Perishable Commodity De-risking : Given that the commodity is perishable, order frequencies could be higher. With QRev, this cumbersome procedure can be considerably eased.
bullet High Technology at no maintenance cost : The QRev platform is completely managed by us. No headache to customer regarding scalability, availability and performance of platform.
bullet Availability of Data for Marketing and Analysis : This is a huge intangible benefit. Based on orders placed, one can quickly and efficiently collate data for analysis. Trigger promotions can also be sent instantaneously, when order thresholds are crossed, enabling higher customer loyalty.
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