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bullet While the brand being within arms reach of desire is the stated purpose of brands, we provide technology that will provide efficient ordering solutions to make this promise true for your customers. To be able to reach this objective ironing the kinks in the supply chain can be achieved through the technology provided by us. From factory to warehouse to distributors to the retail channel our solutions will help improve efficiencies that will improve order flow.


bullet Processing using Mobile Phone : The system needs only a very simple mobile phone with a camera and SMS capability.
bullet Integration with customers’ system : Integration is possible with an array of choices (Web services, email, file transfer, etc.)
bullet Always Available : The order processing system is cloud hosted with multiple redundancy levels to ensure it is “always available”.
Easy Scalability : It is designed to work under very heavy transaction loads with horizontal scalability. This means that if transaction loads increase drastically, the system will scale its servers to ensure that no transaction is lost. This entire platform is hosted, managed and maintained by us, without any worry for the customer.


bullet Easy to use and deploy : Every person in the ordering chain has a mobile phone with camera and SMS these days. The ordering process is simply a point and shoot operation.
bullet Anytime Order placement : The person ordering can order at anytime of the day. There are no working hours to the system. It will take in orders 24x7x365.
bullet Anywhere Order placement : The orders can be placed from anywhere. The order placement code can be placed on a catalog, a standee, a newspaper commercial, a advertising billboard or even on the product carton.
bullet No Calling, No hassles : Why should the customer call during office hours? Why should the customer access a computer terminal to order? What if the person taking the order is? With QRev, none of these is needed.
bullet No Human Error or Manipulation : Since everything is automatic, all human error is completely bypassed.