bullet Given that logistics today is not just about delivering goods but also delivering customer satisfaction with efficient flow of information, we provide solutions that will help the correct and quick information flow that will help customers be well informed. Whether it be the courier industry or a transport fleet operation, we can help improve efficiencies and save costs.


bullet Improved information flow from grassroots : The system needs only a very simple mobile phone with a camera and SMS capability which can be used by the last mile operator but reaches information to all related.
bullet Integration with customers’ system : Integration is possible with an array of choices (Web services, email, file transfer, etc.)
bullet Always Available : The logistics management system is cloud hosted with multiple redundancy levels to ensure it is “always available”.
bullet Easy Scalability : It is designed to work under very heavy transaction loads with horizontal scalability. This means that if transaction loads increase drastically, the system will scale its servers to ensure that no transaction is lost. This entire platform is hosted, managed and maintained by us, without any worry for the customer.


bullet Easy to use and deploy : Last mile operators of logistics providers can use this technology to provide inormation that can low across levels at the click of a button.
bullet Efficient tracking of consignments : Be it the flow of a consignment across a channel or a vehicle across boundaries , the system will help track the same efficiently.
bullet Low cost solution : Being hosted on a cloud platform , the cost of this high tecahnology makes it within reach for all players.
bullet Improving customer service : Given the information availibility and ease of flow the end customer can remain informed at all points creating the highest standards of customer service for the brand.