loyalty_iconLoyalty Programs

bullet A loyalty program management which is seen as complex can now be available for all brands. From a coffee shop chain to a consumer goods brand the solutions provided by us help create a simple loyalty program with all the benefits, that can help improve sales, build repeat purchase, incentivize specific period purchase, and all of this at a manageable cost.


bullet Loyalty is now for all : Auric provides solutions for managing a card-free loyalty program that will be both technology savvy and cost efficient.
Tracking consumer footprints : Want to know the consumers footprint in across stores ? Track the customers more frequented stores as well as frequency of purchase with the help of QRev.
Cross format traffic driver : Auric technology can also provide solutions for driving loyal customers from one format to shop at another offering in the chain. 
bullet Promotions at a click : A platform that provides the ease off running a variety of promotions or your loyalty members , the technology way which provides ease to the customer and the tech edge to the brand.
bullet Integration with customer’s system : Integration is possible with an array of choices (Web services, email, file transfer, etc.)


bullet Customer friendly : Simple technology having easy use features that work with mobile phone camera and SMS enable any customer to make the transacting process is simply a point and shoot operation.
bullet Information with ease : The platform can be used to create participation of consumers in promotions as well as disseminate information off various activities is different stores.
bullet Always Available : The order management system is cloud hosted with multiple redundancy levels to ensure it is “always available”.
bullet Easy Scalability : It is designed to work under very heavy transaction loads with horizontal scalability. This means that if transaction loads increase drastically, the system will scale its servers to ensure that no transaction is lost. This entire platform is hosted, managed and maintained by us, without any worry for the customer.