mall_iconMall Management

bullet Superior yet customer friendly technology is a key to modern day Mall management . Taking on the challenges of increasing customer entry , improving flow across the mall, bettering customer walk ins to the stores at various levels as well as running promotions across store types the systems we provide will help provide solutions for better management of these issues.


bullet Processing using Mobile Phone : The system needs only a very simple mobile phone with a camera and SMS capability.
bullet Integration with customers’ system : Integration is possible with an array of choices (Web services, email, file transfer, etc.)
bullet Always Available : The promotion management system is cloud hosted with multiple redundancy levels to ensure it is “always available”.
Easy Scalability : It is designed to work under very heavy transaction loads with horizontal scalability. This means that if transaction loads increase drastically, the system will scale its servers to ensure that no transaction is lost. This entire platform is hosted, managed and maintained by us, without any worry for the customer.


bullet Easy to use and deploy : Every person entering a mall has a mobile phone with camera and SMS these days. The transacting process is simply a point and shoot operation.
bullet Large scale info on Mall available with ease : The platform can be used to create participation of consumers in promotions as well as disseminate information off various activities is different corners of the mall.
bullet Consumer involvement for Mall partners : A simple signage outside the mall or a standee at the mall entrance can involve the customer by way of either a game or a discount lead promotion that will lead customers to the participating mall partners stores.
bullet Tracking consumer footprints : Want to know the consumers footprint in a mall ? Track the customers favourite destinations in your mall as well as frequency of purchase with the help off QRev.